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Yep, that's me and Slash. You wouldn't know it from the smile on my face, but I was actually so starstruck that I couldn't speak. Which is odd, because I'm not a Guns & Roses fan. Don't get me wrong - I have a dark (but proud!) hair metal past. However, I tend to cleave to the likes of Motley Crue, RATT, and Def Leppard. But there I was in front of Slash and the only thing I could process was, "Holy shit!" I stood in front of him, pinwheeling my arms and pointing to my phone. Slash looked confused... and slightly alarmed. (Which is saying a lot for a man who was once forced to spend an inordinate amount of time with Axl Rose.) Luckily my husband stepped in. With a patient sigh he said, "This is my wife, Jenna. She's trying to ask if she can take a picture with you." The answer, after Slash paused for a sigh of relief, was obviously "Yes." 

Of course the real star in this photo is the man in red - the legendary Bob Heil who, thanks to his numerous gifts, has helped shape music behind the scenes for decades. Here we are, immortalized. The socially awkward nerd, the genius, the Jager-soaked rock star* who's wickedly hot in person. And let's not forget Larry Crane - the man behind the camera who helps keep my crazy in check. 

This site is updated regularly to reflect my upcoming shows as a comedian, as well as the comedy events that I produce. Drop me a line at jenna@jennazine.com for both kinds of bookings: as a comedian, and also if you would like to be considered for one of my showcases. Naturally I love the emails asking me to perform for you - but I'm also DTB (down to book)!


Standup comedy - Jenna Zine Produced Events:

*Founder, curator, and producer of Keep It Like A Secret Comedy: a monthly pop-up comedy showcase hosted at Jackpot! Recording Studio with Larry Crane

*Jenna Zine Presents:
- Comedians at the Coast (bringing standup comedy to the fabulous Adrift Hotel in Long Beach, WA.)
- Comedians & Comedies (pairing live standup with a comedy film showing)
- Gwyneth Paltrow's Sparkling Asshole (a VIP comedy event in a secret location with craft cocktails and prizes) 

Coming soon (summer 2015) - a new comedy showcase at McMenamins Mission Theater with Hutch Harris of The Thermals


Standup Comedy - Jenna Zine, comedian:

*Performing at Capitol City Comedy - upcoming, June 2015

*Feature performer at Ian Durias's Ex Novo Brewing Comedy Hour - April, 2015

*Interviewed by Danny Felts on "Regular People with Danny Felts" podcast - March, 2015

*Performed at the "Comics You Should Know" showcase, as selected by the Earthquake Hurricane Team - March, 2015

*Performed at the acclaimed Spilt Milk Comedy Showcase - February, 2015

*Three time host, emcee, and opening performer for Robert Ham's $5 Bill Showcase at Turn! Turn! Turn! - 2014, 2015

*Feature set, opening for Mike Lawrence at Lola's Room in Portland, OR - December, 2014

*Sets performed at all Keep It Like A Secret and Jenna Zine Presents events  

*Intro and Advanced Standup classes at both The Brody Theater and ComedySportz



*Proofreader for Tape Op: The Creative Music Recording Magazine (current) 

*Former top Film Critic, Events Coordinator, and Proofreader for MovieBoozer.com (Past events include MovieBoozer at The Mission)
*Participant in the Unchaste Readers Series. (I read this, out loud, on purpose.)

*Former Cowriter of He Said/She Said with John & Jenna, a sex & relationship advice column on Ask Dan & Jennifer.

*Former Contributor to Dicks in the City with John Siscel. 

*Founder of Sneak Peek: a monthly gossip column in Pop Rocket Press


Contact: jenna@jennazine.com

I'm on Twitter, Facebook, YouTubeand Instagram . I love Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, I hate Facebook, but I am sincerely happy to be your dear friend on any one of these - or go for broke and subscribe to all four! Let's quadruple our fun!

[Photo Credit: My amazing husband, who's fluent in Jenna-speak.]

*Slash was sober and quite gracious. 

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