Jan 6, 2015 by Jenna Zine
Sometimes I feel physically incapable of leaving the exclamation point off of anything - and apparently 2015 will be no different. I will give up bread - but I will not give up my exclamation points! Ride excited or die! I should've been a cheerleader. Seriously, how was I not a cheerleader?! I even had the thigh gap as a teen. What a waste. Alas - time has moved us all on, so let's get going on what matters...


Lots of fun events coming up, per usual, so get those calendars marked up! First off is another fabulous Keep It Like A Secret on Sunday, January 18th - our seventh in the series - and this one is gonna be rock-n-roll fabulous! The lineup features Herman Jolly (of Sunset Valley), Hutch Harris (of The Thermals), Bri Pruett (co-host of Late Night Action and more ), and Susan Rice (PDX treasure and comedy legend), plus Kate Berlant (she of the NY Times profile and so many amazing comedy superstar events that you should really click here to get the full list) via Skype! The fun doesn't stop there - our beer sponsor, the generous crew at Royale Brewing, are returning to gift show-goers with free ale samples (the "samples" happen to be in 16 oz cups) and the event takes place at the super cool Jackpot! Recording Studio. You don't have to blow your budget on a pricey recording session - kick it like a rockstar for only $10! Show info and tickets here at Eventbrite. You don't wanna miss it!


And the very next night, it's another epic Comedians & Comedies at Mississippi Studios on Monday, January 19th! This round brings us Willamette Week's Top 5 Funniest comic, Sean Jordan, with a screening of the comedy classic National Lampoon's Animal House. But wait - there's more! Doors open at 7 PM, with a free photo opportunity - take a pic with beloved comedian Adam Pasi in a toga, complete with smashed guitar - naturally. Plus the first 10 people to arrive get a free box of dried mashed potatoes - make your own food fight! All this for only $8 - a bargain for so many laughs. Details and tickets here. Thanks again to my longtime sponsors at I Heart Radio Media for the promotional support - I Heart you guys! 

Happy 2015 - see you at the shows! xo
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Dec 16, 2014 by Jenna Zine
Oh... I went there. I had to!

It's the holiday season and I've got a boatload of shows I'd love to share with you - check it out!

First up, I'll be emceeing the $5 Bill Showcase at Turn! Turn! Turn! tomorrow night (Wed. Dec. 17th) with Andie Main, Zak Toscani, Adam Pasi, and Nathan Brannon. Tons of fun and - you guessed it - the cost is only $5! 

Next, it's another fantastic Comedians & Comedies - marking my first event at Mississippi Studios - with comedian Dan Weber and the must-see naughty classic, Bad Santa! Plus a free photo op with our own whiskey-swillin' bad Santa (courtesy of comedian Brodie Kelley) - and the first 10 people in the door get a Christmas pickle (a real ornament, not a euphemism - for once)! Join us Sun. Dec. 21st for this magical evening. Event info and ticket options here

Sadamantium203x203.jpgThen on Sun. Dec. 28th, I have the honor of opening for the amazing NYC comedian Mike Lawrence at my old stomping grounds, Lola's Room (inside the Crystal Ballroom) - definitely one of the biggest shows I've done to date. Now that's how you wrap up 2014! Check out this link for show info and this link for ticket info. And don't forget to grab a copy of Mike's album, Sadamantium - it's freakin' hilarious!

And there're already things percolating for 2015, including our seventh Keep It Like A Secret - this round with Susan Rice, Bri Pruett, Hutch Harris (of The Thermals), Herman Jolly (of Sunset Valley), and a special Skype set with Kate Berlant! So much fun coming Sun. Jan. 18th - tickets for sale at Eventbrite here

KILAS will be followed the very next night, Mon. Jan. 19th,  by another Comedians & Comedies - we end where we began! What an epic blog post journey! January's C&C will also take place at Mississippi Studios and will feature Willamette Week's Top 5 Funniest Comedian Sean Jordan, plus the genre-defining National Lampoon's Animal House. Don't miss it! Ticket info here

Happy, happy holidays lovelies! xo

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Dec 5, 2014 by Jenna Zine

The sixth installment of Keep It Like A Secret is just around the corner - Mon. Dec. 8th - and we want you to attend so badly that we made a humiliating dance video about it! Reward our shame and buy tickets at Eventbrite - right here

It's a seriously amazing lineup, including: Steven Wilber (Helium's Funniest Person winner and newly minted Willamette Week Top 5 Funniest), Andie Main (Bumbershoot and more), Whitney Streed (Bumbershoot, Bridgetown Comedy Festival), Nariko Ott (also in the elite Willamette Week Top 5 Funniest), plus a special set with Dan St. Germain in L.A., via Skype! And it doesn't end there: there's also a musical set by Jim Han of Cotton, free beer from Royale Brewing, and raffle prizes. There's no better way to kick off the holidays - please join us! xo
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