Jul 6, 2015 by Jenna Zine
Hey! Is it hot out there? Hell, yes -  it's officially summer! We're happy - other than the sad funeral we had to attend for our lawn. It's crispier than toast, you guys. My sea of green has turned to brown. Will it be resurrected? Only time will tell! 

In other cliffhangers, will I put on a show in July? Spoiler alert - I TOTALLY WILL! 

Please join us Wednesday, July 29th for our twelfth Keep It Like A Secret and plan on laughing your ass off! We've got a killer lineup that includes: Anthony Lopez (Bridgetown, Earthquake Hurricane, Late Night Action), Joann Schinderle (Control Yourself, Bridgetown, more!), Julia Ramos (OR. & WA. Drug Courts #1 Standup, Featured in PDX's Poppycock magazine!), Ben Parrish ($5 Bill Showcase, named "a cool dude" at SXSW!), Alex de la Rambelje (A magician! For real! Melbourne Comedy Festival, appearances on The Today Show and more), and our special guest, via Skpe, Sam Jay (Bridgetown Comedy Festival, toured with Hannibal Buress, Women in Comedy Festival and more)! We may not be able to beat the heat, but we can slay the blues. Don't miss it - grab tickets here at Eventbrite today!

As always, I hope to see you at the show! xo

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Jun 2, 2015 by Jenna Zine
It's June in Portland - so naturally that means gray skies and rain. I don't mind - anything that looks like we've staved off global warming for a hot second (hilarious pun, intended) gets a hearty thumb's up from me! 

Speaking of serious subjects - we've got a seriously kick-ass Keep It Like A Secret right around the corner! Please join us Thursday, June 11 for Kristine Levine (Portlandia), Barbara Holm (Bridgetown), Jon Washington (comedy gold), Jeremiah Coughlan (ginger gentleman), and special Skype guest Matteo Lane (MTV2's Guy Code) for an evening of mirth. Bonus - it's the birthday edition! My b-day is June 9th, but that's a pure technicality. We all know birth"day" means birth"week"! Grab tickets here - but don't delay, there are only 5 left!


In other fun news - I've got a comedy show in Salem on Friday, June 5th - so drop on into the Capitol Theater if you're in the neighborhood! And while we're here, why not get a running start at July? You guys are the first to know the lineup for the 12th Keep It Like A Secret! It's all happening Wednesday, July 29th, featuring: Anthony Lopez, JoAnne Schinderle, Ben Parrish, Julia Ramos, Freddie Walker, and special Skype guest Sam Jay! Stay tuned - tickets on sale soon! xo

[Kristine Levine! Image Credit]
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May 2, 2015 by Jenna Zine
logo-lady-full.gifKeep It Like A Secret (KILAS) is a monthly pop-up comedy showcase - produced and curated by Jenna Zine (that's me!), and hosted at Jackpot! Recording Studio with Larry Crane

But, Jenna - you already write about KILAS in your monthly blog posts! It's true - you are correct. But this is a special ongoing post for those who have come to learn more about this showcase, to be constantly updated in our handy right column! Swellegant! 

Speaking of: we have a new website! Sure, it bounces you right into Facebook, but the URL is all ours so we are feeling pretty fancy. Check us out at www.keepitlikeasecretcomedy.com for current show information, links to tickets for sale, fun photos of past shows, and news on videos available on YouTube. 

KILAS shows - upcoming:

Thursday, June 11th
tickets on sale now (and going fast)!

Kristine Levine 
(Portlandia, SXSW, and more)
Barbara Holm 
(Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Sketchfest, and more)
Jon Washington 
(comedy gold!) 
Jeremiah Coughlan 
(ginger gentleman and semi-finalist in Oregon's Funniest Comic competition)
Special Skype guest TBA

Don't hesitate, grab your tickets today! Right here, at Eventbrite

Wednesday, May 27th
Our special one-year anniversary show!
Sold out! Thanks to our audience for making this a sold out event, over one month in advance!

Caitlin Weierhauser
Venu Mattraw
Cara Parker King
Tiffany Greysen
Stephen Miller
Jamie Morrisey
Dave Carrico
Special Skype guest Shane Torres

KILAS shows - past:

We've been lucky enough to host some seriously talented people! Check out these past lineups: 

April 2015
Tom Brady - our first touring comedian to headline KILAS, visiting from Chicago
Amy Miller
Jen Tam 
Patrick Quinn
Special Skype Guest Dave Ross from L.A.

February 2015
Nathan Brannon
Danny Felts
Robbie Pankow
Christen Manville
Special Skype Guest Mike Lawrence from NYC

January 2015
Susan Rice
Bri Pruett
Hutch Harris
Herman Jolly
Special Skype Guest Kate Berlant from L.A.

December 2014
Steven Wilber
Andie Main
Whitney Streed
Nariko Ott
Special Skype Guest Dan St. Germain from L.A.

September 2014
Alex Falcone
Lucia Fasano 
Mike Cahill
Megan McFarland
Special Skype Guest Ted Alexandro from NYC

August 2014
Shane Torres
Andy MacDonald
Deira Nebauer
Colleen Broderick
Rich Meneghello
Special Skype Guest Josh Inocalla from Nashville

July 2014 (our first show at Jackpot! Recording Studio)
Dax Jordan - a Portland native, visiting us from L.A. 
Jason Traeger
Craig May
Becky Braunstein

June 2014 (another fab apt. show)
Venu Mattraw
Caitlin Weierhauser
Rich Meneghello
Dave Carrico
Jamie Morrisey

May 2014 (our very first event!)
Cara Parker King
Tiffany Greysen
Stephen Miller
Jim Boedecker
Special Skype Guest: Drew Miller from Live @ the Apt in NYC
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