Sep 23, 2012 by Jenna Zine

This is an actual conversation that took place between my husband and myself last night in bed. Don't worry - totally PG material ahead!

Me: "I'm feeling a little warm. Could you please turn the fan on?"

Him: "What?"

Me: "The fan. Could you please turn it on?"

Him: "The fan?"

Me: "Yes, the fan! Could you please turn it on?" 

(The lights were out and the fan is on his side of the bed, for anyone wondering, "Why didn't you just turn it on yourself?" Plus he's my husband and he loves doing things for me - just not in this moment, apparently.)

Him: "You want the fan on?"

Me: "For the love of god. Yes, I want the fan on."

Him: "I'll turn the fan on for you."

Me: "Thanks! I was beginning to think you were trying to gaslight me." 

Him: "Gaslight?"

Me: "Yes, gaslight."

Him: "I've never heard of that."

Me: "Seriously?"

Him: "No. Gaslight? What is it?"

Me: "It's a phrase and a cultural touchstone regarding a person who is trying to drive someone else mad. It's derived from a movie."

Him: "A movie? What's the name of the movie?"

Me: "Gaslight."

Him: "Gaslight?"

Me: "Yes!"

Him: "The name of the movie is Gaslight?"

Me: "Yes! The. name. of. the. movie. is. Gaslight!" 

Him: "What's it about?"

Me: "It's about a wife who tells her husband to be quiet so she can go to sleep. She's really tired and doesn't want to engage in conversation anymore, but she promises to fill him in in the morning. It's very compelling."

Him: "Who's in it?"

Me: "You, in about 20 seconds if you do not shut it." 

Amends were made and bleary eyes soothed over coffee this morning. Needless to say, Gaslight was moved to the top of our Netflix queue, to be watched immediately. I still wonder though how he could not be familiar with Gaslight. Everyone knows that. Unless... wait a minute! 
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lindsey - Sep 25, 2012 - Reply

Hi Jenna - I'm excited to have found your following the link you posted on the Lawsbian Awesomeness, it looks fantastic.

Seasweetie - Sep 25, 2012 - Reply

I love this! I've had similar conversations about "Gaslight" with several people. Fab movie. But did he ever turn the fan on? Well done, fellow Laswbian.

Jenna Zine - Sep 25, 2012 - Reply

Hey Seasweetie!

He did finally turn the fan on. It was epic - but it did happen! ;)

And thanks to you awesome Lawsbians for coming over here and checking out my blog. You guys are the best! xoxo

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