Jul 24, 2013 by Jenna Zine

As I revel in these blue skies and rain-free days, I'm pulled back to one of my favorite summer memories. And here it is... My husband and I were dog sitting for some friends and decided to take the puppy to the park. We strolled along with Sassy* in the lead, straining her leash in anticipation. We got to the dog approved area and set her free. She made friends quickly, but soon came back to us, looking to be further entertained. I handed my husband the Chuckit Stick and said, "Throw the ball." He grabbed the stick.. and threw the entire thing. (This may be a good time to mention that we're cat people. Surprise! For you fellow cat owners out there, the Chuckit Stick is an apparatus that allows you to throw the ball without having to touch it. It's super handy - those balls get slobbery. That's what she said! RIP, The Office.) So, instead of the ball flying through the air to be fetched, the stick came hurtling at the dog as well. Everyone in the dog park paused before the laughter began. I was doubled over, with tears streaming down my face. I swear Sassy even laughed - and that's not me anthropomorphizing her; it's just me stating a fact. Larry got schooled in the ways of the Chuckit, but not before a good ribbing. Sassy and I both got a workout that day - her from finally getting to chase the ball and my lungs got stronger from trying to catch my breath after the giggles. You only get one first time with the Chuckit - and I'm glad I was there for Larry's!

[YouTube video, complete with hot Chuckit action and music! *Sassy's name was changed to protect the innocent. We know that ship has sailed for Larry, so his name is real. Sorry, boo!]
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