Apr 23, 2013 by Jenna Zine

[Video NSFW.] I'm trying to find my blogging groove as I work on my first novel. I've picked Tuesdays to submit new posts to y'all (the lucky 4 that follow this blog. - I almost wrote blow instead of blog, which would surely get me more followers) - but today I must interrupt my regularly scheduled witty posting time and subvert my energy to the beloved MovieBoozer for an "emergency" review of Freeway. Yes, in light of Reese Witherspoon's recent arrest (wtf?), we've decided to take advantage of the situation and revisit Reese's trash-talking badass, Vanessa Lutz. God lord, that Southern Belle can throw down! Stay tuned for the upcoming review and learn how America's Sweetheart has earned the right to stand on American soil...

And...it's up! At MovieBoozer, we're proud to take advantage of the situation and grab that traffic (no pun intended - but it is handy). No shame in this game. I gotta say, Freeway (1996) stands the test of time. Oscar winner or jailbird - Reese rocks this role. (Rock-n-roll!) Please click here for my full review. Thanks for reading!
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Apr 17, 2013 by Jenna Zine
Hall-and-Oates.jpgMy Aunt Nancy and I are devoted celeb-ophiles. I think we know more about Brad Pitt than we do our own mutual family members. She used to send me annotated Us Weekly magazines in the mail that were so funny, she could've easily gotten a job on Chelsea Lately. We talk about Hollywood so much, we've even invented our own codes and nicknames. (We call Demi Moore "I've Got Mine Moore" - though, given these recent years, we may have to revisit that one.) We're clearly experts and it's a shame we don't have jobs that pay us for our extensive knowledge. But there was this one time I dropped the ball...

Picture this. The year was 1994. (Yes, while some of you were being born, the world was still turning and celebrity dirt was actively churning.) The phone rang and I checked my caller I.D. (I was at home and the phone was hooked into my wall. I was still a few years away from my first cell phone. Sheer insanity.) Aunt Nan was was on the horn - I grabbed the receiver, eager to hear whatever important information she was about to deliver. Before I even got out my "hello" she was shouting, "Daryl and John broke up!"

I let out an audible gasp before saying, "Hall and Oates broke up?" And, without irony or missing a beat, I said, "Say it isn't so!" (I wasn't even intentionally referencing the song in that moment. I was simply, inexplicably, shocked at their supposed demise.I know kids these days are having their hipster moment with H&O, but they've never twisted my panties. Not then, not now.)

There was a long pause before she said, "No, you idiot. Daryl Hannah and JFK Jr. broke up. Why would we care about Hall & Oates?"

I felt the blush spread to my cheeks. My god, it was so obvious! How could I have failed? Then the laugh came, "But, Nan. Say it isn't so? I mean, that's pretty good, right?"

"It's good, I'll give you that. But please don't falter when it comes to Brad and Gwyneth. We need to be on the same page; they're going to get married!" 

Ah, the shifting sands of time and fickle celebrity love. Sigh - RIP, John John. Not RIP for the Pitt/Paltrow union. Gwyneth is insufferable enough as it is without also counting Brad as her husband. It's all good, my ass. But hey, apparently we'll always have Hall & Oates! 

[Image Credit: Hall & Oates - still together!]
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Apr 9, 2013 by Jenna Zine
Def-Leppard-Logo.jpgHair metal is having a comeback and no one is happier about it than me. I fell in love with Ratt when I was in the eighth grade, preceded by a long love affair with Rick Springfield, and never looked back. Motley Crue, Bon Jovi and Poison all followed. But there was always something special about Def Leppard (don't call it a comeback - they were never gone). Yes, Hysteria was massive - and it's still resonating today. But one of the reasons they still stand out to me is due to the heart of the band - the guys have been playing together since they were teenagers; only pausing for the recovery of beloved drummer Rick Allen after a devastating injury that left him with only one arm. If that's not inspiring enough, think about it this way - these guys were in their twenties, at the apex of their career, and they waited for Rick to be able to play the drums again, even though they weren't even sure he'd ever be able to. They could've gone on without him; in fact I'd venture to guess that most bands would've gone on. But not Def Leppard - they were willing to put their entire career on hiatus to support Allen. Beyond their connection as a band, these guys are family to one another. And when Rick took to the stage again, there was not a dry eye in the house. 

def lep undies.jpg
I obviously am a huge fan of The Lep - yep, I just went there - and hold a deep admiration for Rick Allen in particular. So I'm sure you can imagine how thrilled I was when I had the opportunity to interview Rick and his lovely wife Lauren Monroe for their project, The Freedom Sessions. They are both such incredible people, giving back to the community with their Raven Drum Foundation - a charity that serves to empower veterans and those in crisis. I'm highlighting this interview in tribute to a great couple and a great band as I head out to see Def Leppard in Vegas later this week. Oh, hell yes! Am I nerding out and going two nights in a row? Yes, yes I am. The reunion of this band and these ears has been 25 years in the making and I'm going to soak up every second. Hope you enjoy this interview as much as I'm going to enjoy the shows! xo

Here's a link to my original intro, which is equally gushing: The Heart of it All - An Interview with Rick Allen & Lauren Monroe.

And here's the link to a portion of the interview on my old website, PantyLine Press Entertainment

And, finally, the link to the full interview which ran on Tape Op Magazine's blog. They did a shitty job of formatting it, but they're guys. Sometimes aesthetics aren't a priority. 

I'm pulling a few of my favorite quotes to entice you - even though all I need as a little sugar. 

Jenna: I'm giving a drum lesson this evening to a little boy who wants to play like the White Stripes. He doesn't differentiate gender in this case. He's just thinking, "I want to sound like that!" I think that's so cute. He's not like, "Oh, that's a girl." He's not self-conscious about it. Her work is almost on a tribal level because it's really stripped down playing.

Rick Allen: I love it! You know who else is a really good source of tribal drumming? You wouldn't think it, but Larry Mullen, Jr. from U2. I love that kind of playing. If I could do that every day, that would be incredible.

J: Yeah! There's a reason U2 and Def Leppard are both huge. The music, the beat, can tap into your heart. What do you two listen to for enjoyment? Do your favorite bands find a place in your inspiration for music?


Lauren Monroe: So many things! It goes from Frank Sinatra to AC/DC and everything in between. We listen to a lot of chant music around the house.

R: I think every form of music has its place. You can always find the time, the right time and the inspiration from it.

J: The live shows with Lauren are such a different environment than when you play with Def Leppard. Do you like the change?

R: I love the change! My first drum was a cookie tin. [laughter] I moved on to the tambourine. Then finally my parents, they were really kind and they put a drum kit on lay-away. So, acoustic drums have really always been my passion. It's great doing what I do with Def Leppard and the electronic drums. It's obviously another facet, another form, of what I do. But to get back to the real organic; acoustic drums are such a huge treat for me.

J: I just have to say, Rick you're such an inspiration. What you've done, how you overcame your injuries and that you continue to play... I'm getting teary. I think it's so amazing.

R: Oh, that's sweet! The beautiful thing is that I'm still overcoming. That's life. You constantly face challenges. This whole project with Lauren has been a huge challenge for both of us, I'm sure. It's great when you can go into things, embark upon them with all this passion and actually make something good out of it.

But wait, there's more! This phone interview happened in 2009 and there are deliciously dated references the current music of The White Stripes, MySpace being the hot go-to for bands and the Jonas Brothers on tour. Click on those links and have some fun.

Def Lep-Phil-2013.JPG


UPDATE: The show was completely amazing, as expected, and so emotional for me that I cried. I can feel the Facebook unfriending from here - I see you! I jest - I'm not friends with people who aren't Def Leppard fans in touch with their emotions. 

[Photo Credit for Rick Allen & Lauren Monroe: Anderson Group Public RelationsAdditional Photo & ImageLogo Credit. Band Undies Credit. Updated live concert photo: Me! Click on any image for a full sized view.]
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