Jul 14, 2014 by Jenna Zine

Man, I am going to miss Motley Crue. The anthem of the '80s. The anthem of my youth. I used to be embarrassed to have such a dark hair metal past - I just about fell over with shame when a guy who used to live in my college dorm approached me at E.J.'s (an incredibly hip Portland music venue from back in the day) and identified me as "the girl who had a life-sized poster of Kip Winger on her door." Okay, granted - I should be totally mortified by that. 

But the overarching experience of "butt rock," and the unique time it symbolized, will always pull me back to the heart-pounding thrills I felt when I got to attend those concerts. And realizing now that that time was finite - nothing quite like it is coming down the pike - has made it feel even all the more special to have experienced it at its peak.

I'm heading to LA to send the Crue off in style. No Sleep Country Ampitheater for me. I must wave goodbye rooted in the spot where it all started. And drink whiskey. And cry. And then dust myself off and be glad I was there. 

Below is a story I submitted to NPR's call for "I Was So High" stories. Yes, I had the chance to meet Tommy Lee. Yes, I fucked it up. Yes, I regret it. I can't go back. I can't fix it. But I can still fly out to Hollywood and say goodbye, and that ain't so bad.


Hello This American Life!


I used to work at a rock club in Portland, OR. as the Marketing Director. While there, I promoted Tommy Lee's side project, Methods of Mayhem. I am a huge hair metal fan (ah, my embarrassing hesher roots) and I really wanted to meet Tommy. My ad rep from the radio station KUFO (who was promoting the show) promised to set it up for me. I was so excited!


I decided to go home and change before the event - and maybe add some more eyeliner. While back at the house, I ran into my roommate, Ali. We got along famously. One of the many things we connected on was weed, and soon the bong was produced. Shortly thereafter we were dancing, giggling, and, for some reason, putting Biore strips on our noses. In short, we were high as kites. We naturally got the munchies and were soon engaged in a long discussion about how awesome it would be if someone would deliver us sushi. Instead we settled for pizza. While we were waiting for said pizza, we smoked even more. The delivery guys in our neighborhood loved us - not only were we good tippers, we were always good for a laugh. 


I finally remembered I was supposed to go back to work, meet Tommy, and see the concert. But now I was way too high to drive. I decided to blow it off and continue partying with Ali. In reality, though I didn't admit it to myself at the time, I was really nervous to hang out with Mr. Lee. To meet the man I saw playing drums upside down while suspended from a ceiling during that Crue concert in '88? I might faint! So I sabotaged myself. 


There was a message waiting for me from my ad rep when I finally went back to the office the next morning, "Jenna! Where were you? Tommy was waiting to meet you. I told him what a big fan you are and he was looking forward to chatting with you. Call me!"


Regrets - I've had a few. But I do get a kick out of the fact that I was too high to meet Tommy Lee and not the other way around!


Speaking of regrets, you don't want to miss the next Keep It Like A Secret on Monday, Aug. 25th - we've got an outstanding lineup! Check out our Facebook page for more details, coming soon! xo

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Jun 27, 2014 by Jenna Zine
jackpot studio.jpgHave you heard? There's another Keep It Like A Secret just around the corner - and you could be one of the lucky ones to have your butt in a seat! 

Sunday, July 6th is a very special lineup, at a very special place. We're busting out of the apartment and heading to a recording studio. Ooh la la - it's pretty fancy! We'll have some outstanding musicians kicking off the evening, and Royale Brewing will be on hand with free ale samples. We've got an incredible comedy lineup - of course! Plus we'll have a headlining comedian from LA taking the stage. You don't want to miss it! 

The only way to secure a spot is by purchasing a ticket on EventBrite, so click the link for details on a night you won't soon forget. See you there! 

Royale Brewing Flying Pig.jpg
I can't believe we're on our third KILAS! (We snuck one past you in June - check out all the fun on my YouTube channel.) I'm not lying when I say July is really going to be something precious. We've got Royale Brewing gifting us
with some delicious microbrews. Ian Miller and Dan Lowinger will blow you away - they'll be strumming tunes before the comedy kicks off. And this lineup? You gotta be kidding me - pun intended! Craig May, Becky Braunstein (who's currently duking it out in Helium's Funniest Person Contest and kicking ass), Jason Traeger (who's also a talented photographer) and Dax Jordan will all be present and accounted for. It's my party and I'll emcee if I want to - and I want to! KILAS has become a great way for myself and Larry Crane to meld our two worlds together and we'd love for you to be a part of it. xo
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May 20, 2014 by Jenna Zine

Who here is a fan of Working Girl? I hope everyone is raising their hands right now! My favorite moment is when Tess is in the elevator explaining how she got the idea to put Trask Industries together with a radio station. (Um... spoiler alert?) That scene resonates so deeply with me - her practice of reading everything and discounting nothing, combined with that delicious a-ha moment, is what I strive for as well. Plus she's kicking business ass in some seriously baggy mom jeans and a gray sweatshirt - more power to anyone who can pull that off!

So imagine my excitement when I had a Trask Radio moment of my very own recently with the incarnation of Keep It Like A Secret! Here's the lowdown: I follow a great Twitter feed called Live @ The Apt, which hosts "secret" comedy shows in NYC in (you guessed it!) an apartment. I was quite taken with the idea and found it to be very charming. Meanwhile I've been toiling away in my comedy classes while finding time to brave the open mics in Portland. Open mics, while necessary, can be terrifying for newbies. I found myself thinking, "I wish I could just hold an open mic in my apartment for my classmates and myself." Wait a minute! Comedy. Apartment. Where had I seen that before?

Before I knew it, I was dropping a line to the founder of Live @ The Apt to ask if I could host a similar showcase. It was a quick jump from the thought of a private open mic with my classmates to a full-blown "secret" showcase in my very own apartment. And, oh my god - what a thrill it's been! I've never had more fun planning or hosting. The years I spent without direction, fearing that I'd never have passion for something have melted away. I've found my thing. Trask plus radio. I can't wait to see what's coming next!


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