Nov 18, 2014 by Jenna Zine

Kicking this post off with class, courtesy of the Tiddy Bear! Or, as we like to call him here at Jenna Zine Presents enterprises, the luckiest little stuffed bear in the world. Who doesn't want to spend their day smashed against some breasts while taking road trips? Two birds, one stone! 

In event news: The Comedians & Comedies show with comedian Curtis Cook and Ghostbusters was a success! I actually received a paycheck for that one, which I promptly deposited right back into my comedy bank account. I learned a few lessons - like telling the comedian that there will be kids in the audience, so that he has time to rework his material. Preferably with more than 5 minutes notice! But the crowd (and the incredibly understanding parents) were very kind. And, of course, Ghostbusters on the big screen was a huge delight! 

Due to some scheduling shifts, November left me show-free - well, at least free from booking duties! There were still plenty of open mics, as well as the wrapping up of an advanced stand-up class with the fabulous Alex Falcone at ComedySportz. Oh, and in my down time there was plenty of fun with Herb Alpert, The Black Keys, and (soon) Fleetwood Mac. Not bad for a girl from Spokane.

And while November was technically show-free, December will more than make up for it - I've got three huge events on the horizon! First up is up the sixth Keep It Like A Secret showcase (click link for ticket info) at Jackpot! Recording Studio on Monday, Dec. 8th. And it is a killer holiday lineup, featuring: Steven Wilber (Portland's Funniest Person Winner 2014-15), Andie Main, Whitney Streed, Nariko Ott, and a special Skype set with Dan St. Germain in Hollywood! Oh, and as always - me as emcee! But wait, there's more, including: an set from our special musical guest Jim Han (from Cotton), free ale samples from our pals at Royale Brewing Company, prizes, candy canes, and shots (the kind you want). Be sure to join us!

Then on Wednesday, Dec. 17th I'll be back at Turn! Turn! Turn! to help host another fabulous $5 Bill Showcase. You guessed it - it's only $5 and it's super fun. More details on the lineup soon. 

And the biggie, just in time for Christmas... it's another Comedians & Comedies (click for ticket info) on Sunday, Dec. 21st at Mississippi Studios, featuring Dan Weber and Bad Santa! For any newbies, Comedians & Comedies is a series featuring live stand-up followed by a comedy film screening. I'm bias, but I don't think I'm going out on a limb by saying it's totally awesome! (Totally awesome - the Eighties are back, right? I'm in the safe zone.) And I'm so grateful to have the promotional support from I Heart Radio Media, via 105.9 The Brew and the Willamette Week! What an honor. 

So stay tuned! I've already pulled off some serious ninja style booking tricks for January, but I'll save those little tidbits for later. Thanks for your support and see you at the shows! xo
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Oct 10, 2014 by Jenna Zine
Can we get through one post without referring to October as "Rocktober"? No, no we can't! And honestly, why would we want to? Not when Rocktober is so much damn fun!

And there's nothing but fun ahead. First off is Jenna Zine Presents: Comedians & Comedies at the historic Hollywood Theatre on Saturday, Oct. 25th! Mark your calendars - this one is gonna be great. Comedian Curtis Cook kicks off the event with a hilarious 1/2 hour set. How do I know it will be hilarious in advance? I'm psychic! Well... that and I've had the pleasure of seeing Curtis perform and he's blown me away every time. He's a huge talent, so be sure to arrive at 9 pm to see him before we screen a restored digital copy of the beloved classic Ghostbusters!

Curtis begins at 9 pm, Ghostbusters rolls at 9:30 pm. Admission: $8 per person, all ages. While it is all ages, there will be adult content in the comedian's set. That means your kid might hear the "F-word," so book your babysitter accordingly! 

Promotional support generously provided by I Heart Radio Media (formerly Clear Channel)! And a big, special thanks to 105.9 The Brew, who provide tons of support and have been with me and this event since the very beginning. I appreciate it more than I could ever say!


But wait, there's more! I am finally part of a showcase that I did not book myself on! (Oh, yeah - busted. I totally book myself on my own shows.) Damn, that feels good. I'm so honored to be a part of The $5 Bill - A Comedy Night at Turn! Turn! Turn! on Wed. Oct. 29th. The show starts at 8 pm and... wait for it... the show costs $5! What a deal! Especially given this insane lineup, including: Anthony Lopez, JoAnn Schinderle, Andy MacDonald, and Veronica Heath. And me, Jenna Zine, as emcee! Please join us - I promise you a rollicking good time. xo
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Sep 18, 2014 by Jenna Zine
Hello all!

It seems like summer just started, and then I blinked and it is was over! I know it always feels that way, but damn - I want my money back. Regardless of the impending rain, things are great - I'm very busy over here at Jenna Zine Presents. There are so many fun events on the calendar that it makes embracing fall that much easier, so let's get to it!

In just a few days, Larry and I will kick off our fifth Keep It Like A Secret at Jackpot! Recording Studio on Wednesday, Sept. 24th and the lineup is killer! 

First up, via Skype, is NYC comedian Ted Alexandro. Ted has been on every major late night television talk show (think Letterman, Kimmel, Conan, and more) and has opened for Louis C.K. at Carnegie Hall. For some magical reason (he's really gracious) he's agreed to perform at KILAS and we couldn't be more thrilled. In fact, I still have the bruises from pinching myself. Check out Ted's fantastic web series, Teacher's Lounge, here and find out more about his comedy album, I Did It, here

Then our fabulous local comedians take over, including my friend and mentor, Alex Falcone, plus the hilarious lineup of Tim Hammer, Lucia Fasano, Mike Cahill, and Megan McFarland. Oh, and I'll be doing a set, emceeing, and handing out raffle prizes as well. I might juggle too. What the heck. Also in the mix: musical guest Erin Sutherland of the Stolen Sweets and Dept. of Gold, as well as the kind folks from Royale Brewing Co. pouring free ale samples. Don't miss it - only a few tickets left and then no KILAS until Monday, Dec. 8th. Get your tickets today at Eventbrite

And in the Shameless Self Promotion portion of this post (wait, doesn't that fall under the umbrella of this entire website?) I've been interviewed about my writing goals and practices over at Unchaste Readers and about my curated comedy events at Too Wet To Burn. Check 'em out! 

I can keep your dance card full all fall! Saturday, Oct. 25th Jenna Zine Presents: Comedians & Comedies will be at the fabulous Hollywood Theatre featuring comedian Curtis Cook and a special anniversary showing of Ghostbusters! This funny stuff is a serious business - I Heart Radio will be on hand to provide promotional support and there will even be ticket giveaways on the radio. Ooh la la! 

There will also be Jenna Zine Presents: Comedians & Comedies events at the Hollywood in November and December, plus another KILAS in December. Stay tuned and thanks for your support! xo 

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