Jan 9, 2013 by Jenna Zine
couples who look alike-Kate Winslet Sam Mendes.jpgI'm sure you're all familiar with the phenomena of couples starting to look alike after spending many years together. (Or, perhaps, a more accelerated timeframe depending on your subconscious level of codependency. I jest!) Well, it's finally happened to me - though not in the way I'd hoped. 

Being the female half of a couple with an incredibly kind and patient man has had many perks, the main one being that I get to wear the pants in this (small, child-free) family. My husband has sat through more rom-coms than he can count, been subjected to endless hours of reality television and traveled to Vegas on holidays simply because that's what my desires dictated. And it has been awesome. 

Naturally, with all this pampering of my will, I imagined I was the alpha in the relationship. I always knew the day would come when we'd be out in public for hours before realizing we were dressed in the same colors. And what a treat that would be for him, since I excel at style! I always assumed our inevitable twinning would take the course of Larry donning a jaunty scarf, or perhaps introducing some animal prints into his wardrobe. He might take up a casual interest in yoga or occasionally attempt at Zumba class. 

Imagine my surprise to learn that he's actually the dominate one. What a sly bastard! My formerly stick-straight hair now resembles his bouncy curls. I've never had washboard abs (faaaaar from it) - but does my stomach really have to emulate his (adorable) beer belly? And is it my imagination, or is my wardrobe edging towards more function than form? Thank god he has decent taste in footwear. I'd have to contemplate divorce if he was a Crocs devotee

It's eight years in and I think I'm on to his subtle (but Death Star-level evil) plan. I get it, honey - and enough is the enough. Here's the remote. Now give me my body back! 

couples who look alike-unicorn lovers.jpg

I guess it could be worse. Bravo for boldness though!

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Dec 11, 2012 by Jenna Zine
Cock Lottery.JPG

Isn't life a cock lottery - especially when it comes to strip clubs? I would've also accepted tail lottery, but cock certainly has a ring to it. Dear Hawthorne Strip - Don't ever change! I will be forever happy if I can drive by that broken neon daily. 
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Nov 15, 2012 by Jenna Zine
sharknado.jpgThis incredible blend of shark week and disaster flick is coming straight to a DVD bin near you sometime in 2013 - and I literally can not wait. Proof positive that the world is not ending in a few weeks, as there is no deity cruel enough to rob me of the impending joy that is Sharknado

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