Nov 11, 2012 by Jenna Zine
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Oh, Oregon State - what possessed you? Yes, Portlandia is wildly popular - and rightfully so. But I officially declare - this is taking "put a bird on it" too damn far. (Albeit with hilarious consequences. And bless that woman for being bold enough to agree to be the face of this campaign.)

[Photo Credit: from my phone. You can find this little gem in the hallway at the Portland airport.]
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Sep 25, 2012 by Jenna Zine
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I know I said I was turning over a new leaf - up with humorous life anecdotes and down with celebrity gossip. (Well, down with me writing about it - not down with me reading it. What can I say? I love, love, love it; much to the disappointment of my brain.) But, as most of you know, I have very little self control. I also have a tendency to say one thing and do another. In short I am a good-hearted, weak-willed, dilettante who can't resist a piece of candy. And this Katie Holmes "I'm a victim of Scientology" bullshit is a big fucking piece of candy. 

I'm not one to argue with the esteemed Vanity Fair, but in this case... I must. The cover story should be called What Katie Knew - and the tagline should be Everything. Katie Holmes is savvy and, in my opinion, was more than happy to get a leg up in Hollywood by signing on to be Tom Cruise's wife. Only Blake Lively could give this little lady a run for her money in the upper echelon of world-class famewhoring. (Kim Kardashian and Co. being the top of the heap, from the bottom of the barrel.) These young women want it, bad. 

Only, in Katie's case, her bid failed. (Perhaps not in the long run. Time will tell if this victim stance continues to gain her sympathy and opportunities.) The Cruise/Holmes courtship was an embarrassment of epic proportions. Did anyone buy that Tom was so overwhelmed with passion that he could not resist jumping on Oprah's butter-yellow leather couch? No, not one person. Did it become one of the most shocking, unintentionally hilarious gaffes in gossip history? Yes, yes it did. And so began the downward slide. Katie never got the cred she craved. There was no transition from "wife of Tom" to "wife of Tom and well-respected actress/Oscar-nominee" ala Nicole Kidman for Holmes. Instead, people just laughed. Every civilian from Iowa to L.A. could guess that their "love story" was a complete sham. And the mystery of Suri's birth/paternity didn't help their case either. 

My point? Katie was far more dissatisfied with her lack of career than with Scientology. (Though I do buy that she has legitimate concerns for Suri's well-being - she's a mother, not a monster.) A quick Google search - or, you know, having read any kind of entertainment publication backdating to the Eighties - reveals Tom's involvement in the "religion." It's not a secret. Nor are their creepy practices. Yet, she agreed to the union - and not with blinders on either. The real problem - and most likely the real impetus for the split - was the fact that Tom didn't pay out on his end of the bargain. The unquestioned industry acceptance followed by plum roles never materialized. Sure, Katie had everything money could buy - but the real prize/promise was never delivered. My guess is that she was ready to shed the mantle of "laughingstock" and embrace taking a chance on her own. (That, and the rumored contract was up.) Even in Hollywood there are no shortcuts - just short-sightedness. 

[Cover Credit: links to the in-depth Vanity Fair article. Just because I disagree with the title doesn't mean I didn't think it was incredibly well done. Also read Anne Helen Peterson's breakdown of the dissolution of the Cruise union. It's outstanding - as is her entire website!]
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Sep 25, 2012 by Jenna Zine
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One of the many things I love about Portland is the city's attempt to embrace everyone, and the effort shows - right down to promotional billboards for soft rock FM stations. K103 has taken a bold stand. No favorites have been chosen in the ongoing Taylor Swift/John Mayer feud. No, not here. Instead a neutral stance is held aloft, as the two are forced to sit side by side in airbrushed harmony; proving that there's more than enough room for both douchebag Lotharios and 22-year old unicorn-loving twees in the Rose City. It warms the heart. 
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