Apr 10, 2014 by Jenna Zine

I just started my own YouTube Channel and I feel like I have a new toy! I keep checking on it, like one would a little electronic baby. How's it doing? Is it happy? I love it! Does everyone else love it as much as me? I'm the helicopter parent of social media. I'll probably spy on it when it gets older and has a life outside of me. 

Hey - while you're here, why not consider subscribing? For an (un)limited time, you'll get such exciting videos as "Man Dancing Awkwardly to Bryan Ferry," Larry Crane getting pranked on Christmas by his loving wife (that's me!), plus regular videos of my open mics. Mad Men is coming to a close, so why not treat yourself Jenna Zine's YouTube channel? The choice is clear. Handy buttons are abound on this site - social media to the left, blog subscriptions available on the upper righthand corner. Look up. Look over. You got it! xo
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Apr 1, 2014 by Jenna Zine
Man, my Us Weekly subscription has really been paying off lately. Yes - I said subscription, people. I feel no shame. It's always been a delightful read; but lately they've really kicked it up a notch, entertainment-wise. 

Recently we saw the glory that was Casper getting "shown the world*" by his mom girlfriend, J.Lo. And now we have "Kim Kardashian Humiliated for Money." And, while I appreciate this as a secondary article to the cover story, I must say... isn't this a bit redundant? Didn't we already agree this was, like, her job about a decade ago? When you burst on the scene as a friend of Paris Hilton's, with your own sex tape that your mother brokered for you, isn't the jig up? You've pretty much introduced yourself to society as such. 

That's all! Not the deepest thought I've ever had, but a throughly enjoyable one nonetheless. I prefer this - the truth - to the annoying April Fool's post. 

[Photo Credit: Yes, I took the time to place this on my kitchen table and take a picture. Sadly the actually article is totally pro-Kardashian - but the photo is enough to make my day. I'm pretty sure, given how gently the mag treats the Kardashians, that Kris must own stock in this publication.]

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Mar 19, 2014 by Jenna Zine

I have a joke about how Justin Bieber should've been aborted and, as you can imagine, it's a huge crowd-pleaser! But if Patty had listened to her first instinct, where would be today? Well, in the same place - but only better because we wouldn't have to be hearing about the lamest boy bander of (almost*) all time. Please enjoy my former neighbor, Doug Stanhope, give the Biebs the what-for. Even if your dad tries to get you to party like a rock star, it still ain't gonna happen, honey. 

[*The lamest, most undeserving of success boy bander of all time with no cred who mysteriously has a career is another Justin, of the Timberlake variety. Sure, you can argue that Bieber isn't technically a boy bander - but he has no facial hair and his schlocky genre of songs doesn't belong in any real musical category. Also, who really wants to spend their time arguing with facts?]
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