Hey! I'm So Glad You're Here.

Yes, it's me - Jenna Zine! Is it looking a little sparse here? That's because my legit author website suffered an untimely and still unexplained demise. (Seriously. I've called Dreamhost. I've emailed WordPress. I've shaken my fist at the sky and questioned why the internet gods have forsaken me. Nothing worked. So here I am, hopping over to the easy-peasy templates. Thank you, Wix!) I've got a large amount of posts I'm working on rebuilding, as well as crafting new content for this fresh start. Woot!


I've been writing for decades with various goodies scattered all over the web, including my former gossip website (Panty Line Press), a relationship advice column for Dan & Jennifer, plus years and years worth of film reviews at MovieBoozer.com, to mention just a few things. I'm happily now associated with The Cherry Picks - a site highlighting the voices of female film critics. Like "Tomatoes," but sweeter! 


I've also been published in a textbook for the University of Oregon, which is as fancy as it sounds. In the skill set realm, I'm also the lead copyeditor for Tape Op Magazine, I hold a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, and have been the marketing/social media coordinator for several music and comedy venues. I also had a wild, brief run as a standup comedian, emcee, and show promotor. Plus that time spent as a drummer in a country band, and a stint working retail at a cactus nursery in Tucson. Yeah... I have stories! 


I'm currently working on my first novel, which I dream of seeing in paperback carousels at airports whenever we're allowed to travel again. (The end goal is holding an unabashed beach read in my hot little hand, and hoping it brings joy to fellow chick lit enthusiasts. No shame in this game!)


Join me as I blog away in between writing sprints. (Or hopefully with me, during the live Writing Wednesdays!) And feel free to drop a line if there's a subject you're craving to hear about. I might whip up a post just for you! As always, thank you for reading! xo 

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