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Sometimes A "No" is Exactly What You Need!

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It’s been a minute! I hope summer has been treating you well - I haven’t forgotten you, and I hope the same goes for you with me. I’ve actually been out in the world – call it a vacation, if you will. Larry and I found a brief window where our vaccinated selves and a bit of travel aligned, and it was glorious. Now we’re back at home and, from the sounds of it, this is where we’ll be for the foreseeable future. I’ll continue to say what I always do: please be careful, and please wear a mask.

To that end, there’s no doubt that things have felt a bit… stale. It’s challenging to keep things fresh when life isn’t moving in the ways that it used to. The past year has been about surviving. However, I really wanted to change the narrative back to thriving. But how, when it’s still difficult to get out and about? Finally, I realized: I could pray for change. (My version of praying is asking for help from the Universe, listening to my intuition, and trying to get “in the flow.”) Shortly after asking for it, it came in the form of a new cat and a new job.

I was so excited! I spotted the job opening and the pet adoption opportunity on separate flyers, and they each felt “meant to be.” I told a friend, “I asked for change, and now soon I’ll have a new cat and a new job!” I was so sure of both. I even started to get worried about how busy I’d be once I started with my new employer. How would I have time for writing once I started this big new job? How would I keep up with all of my chores? When would I see my friends? I was convinced all these things were of imminent concern.

Fast forward to a week later: no cat and no job. And it’s the perfect outcome.

Here’s what happened. I met the cat at the animal shelter and could tell she wasn’t the one for us. It was hard to admit, but it just wasn’t a match. The kindest thing we could do was be honest with ourselves and the employees at the shelter. It wasn’t right to take on a new pet when we knew it wasn’t true love. We left her there so another family could make her theirs.

Same with the job. I made it to the interview round. And it was a really great interview. I came armed with a ton of ideas, made a good impression, and was proud of how I presented myself. The potential employer and I really hit it off, chatting for over an hour. But when I left, I started feeling nervous. Not that I wouldn’t get the job, but rather that I would. You see, the position that was being offered was in sales. But he and I talked the whole time about my passion for marketing and event planning. Which is not what he was hiring for. I was concerned that because of our connection, he’d hire me in spite of my lack of sales experience and that I – in my desire for change – would try to shove my round self into that square hole. I was already feeling a bit queasy, knowing that things weren’t quite right.

Then came the email. He really enjoyed meeting me. He loved my ideas. But he wasn’t going to hire me because sales is where he needed to focus, regardless of how much he liked what I had to offer. I read the rejection letter and felt elated. He made the right choice for himself and his business. And that also happened to coincide with the right decision for me.

So, no cat and no job. On the surface, it doesn’t look like a lot happened. But so much changed. Sometimes a no is masquerading as a yes – a yes to something else. A yes to something meant for you. A week after we said no to the cat, Larry and I found ourselves at another shelter for a different adoption interview. And this time it was love at first sight. I knew for sure this was the kitten we were meant to meet. This is the girl I was waiting to give my heart to. In saying no to one opportunity, it left us open to say yes to the next choice that was right for us. She’s home with us now and we are all very happy. (Yes, that's her in the title photo. I mean, I'm bias - but are you even kidding me? How cute is she? Was she moonlighting as a cat model prior to this? Ridiculous.)

And the job? I have one, and I still have room and time to take on more work. When the truly right thing comes along, I will be free for it.

Sometimes you ask for what you want, and it looks exactly like what you’d expect. But sometimes things are obscured before they reveal themselves.It doesn’t mean it’s wrong, it’s just getting ready for you. Set your positive intent, and trust that what you need will come.

* What isn't right? The Untouchables. Yep, as soon as we got home, we got caught up on some Costner. This movie made us laugh and it is still shocking to me that it is Oscar nominated. It is entertaining, if you don't mind hackneyed directing and stolen Hitchcock shots. Actually, scratch that. Watch this. Please indulge in watching the extras, if you can get your hands on them. (We still have a DVD/Blu-Ray player hooked up, but I know that's not the norm. The joys of being old!) The seriousness in which Kevin, Sean Connery, and director Brian De Palma discuss "crafting" this film is a treat in and of itself. The word "hubris" was surely invented just for this.

I hope you've enjoyed your update! Like this? Help me out and tell a pal – the more, the merrier! Stay safe & well in the meantime. You are worth it!

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