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Finally Vindicated - It Turns Out I was Right to Fear That Scene in Pinocchio!

Hello friends! This is an excerpt from my weekly newsletter. Like it? Consider signing up! Or visit me here at for regular updates. xo

* I missed you last week, but it was for a good reason as I was off celebrating my birthday! It was a big one, and it was perfect. I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting and have some fun goals set up for myself as I head into this new year. I hope you’ll follow along! (And send me stories/goals of your own, if you’d like. This space is here to share, if you need it.)

* Swallowed by a whale! I knew it could happen! I’m sure you’ve all heard the story of the lobster diver who was recently swallowed by a whale. This happened while I was off the radar for my trip and I could not have been more mesmerized when I got caught up on the news. I spent a large chunk of my childhood fearing exactly this, and now I feel vindicated! Let me explain:When I was little, I had the album version of Pinocchio. I would listen to it over and over on my Fisher-Price record player. But I always quivered with fear when the whale part came. Oh, I’d leave the album playing! Turning it off never occurred to me. But I’d run across my room and squish myself into a corner, as if this safety zone could protect me. (We also lived in landlocked Spokane, Washington at the time so my odds of survival were exponentially increased. Ha!) I never tired of the album, or the queasy rollercoaster of fear and delight it brought. And now I know my fear was justified. This is a great day. (No fault of the lovely, gentle whales of course! I’m also the same kid who was terrified of even holding the book Jaws. Having my hands anywhere near that shark on the cover made me shake. I was also convinced Jaws was capable of popping up in the shower, tub, or pool. Possibly even a water bed! Oddly, I love swimming. I was a weird kid who’s blossomed into an equally weird adult.)

* A dear friend and reader sent me a Happy Birthday message that ended with, “… and I hope you’re free of Kevin Costner soon.” While the sentiment is quite adorable, I am here to report that the status is, “Far from it!” We watched a Costner flick called Criminal last weekend – charmless and far too violent for Larry and me. But that’s not stopping us. We’re still on the waitlist for Robin Hood, and Oliver Stone’s JFK (20th anniversary edition, naturally) is on the way. Thank you, library! Naturally, I shall continue to report back. ;)

* Speaking of movies, my latest film review is up: this time it’s a fabulous dark comedy called Too Late about the L.A. standup scene and the monsters that lurk within it. Even more exciting news – I’m writing this Thursday afternoon and by the time you receive this, I’ll be on a Zoom call with the director and the lead actress! So, check out my post if you have a chance and get ready for a transcript of my interview with these fabulous ladies next week. Until then! xo

I hope you enjoyed your weekly update! And I hope you are staying safe and well. Be sure to be kind to yourself and others. You are worth it! Make plans to come back next week - I love having you here.

Also, my ongoing offer still stands: Have something you want to share or promote? Have a question you'd like to see answered here, or have a topic you'd like to request? Or just want some love from this newsletter? There is more than enough to go around! Drop me a line - I'm happy to share this space. xo

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