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I've Heard It Helps If You Inflate It ...

Hello friends!

* At the beginning of the pandemic, Larry turned to me and said, “We should play basketball.” I enthusiastically replied, “Great idea!” This is as far as we’ve gotten… (I’m still not sure why he chose basketball, of all things. I’ve had a year to ask him. It’s still on my “To Do” list. I, of course, shall report back.)

What we HAVE accomplished is viewing Field of Dreams. And, my god – it was even worse than I remembered. What kind of thinly veiled quasi-religious hackneyed bullshit was that? It made me prefer Water World, and that is saying something. Please note: the oft repeated pop culture takeaway from the films is, “If you build it, they will come.” But in the movie, it is actually, “If you build it, he will come.” Hmph. Take it elsewhere, pops.

However, that didn’t stop us from our commitment. We also watched the extras, which clocked in at an hour and a half - almost as long as the movie. We’re not messin’ over here when it comes to our Costner Film Festival of Two. I must say, I'm glad we took the time because the “Making Of” is waaaaay more interesting than the actual plot. Especially the details of the final shot, which really is quite a filmmaking feat. So… kind of worth it.

We will press forward! I’m still waiting on Kevin's version of Robin Hood – six people remain ahead of me in "Library Hold Land." That means we don’t have a Costner DVD in our possession for this weekend. Perhaps we’ll spring for a stream? Oh, the excitement of the unknown!

* In other news, thousands of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails were “leaked,” courtesy of the Freedom of Information Act, revealing that he’s absolutely as lovely, thoughtful, courteous, hardworking, intelligent, forthright, and informed as he’s presented himself in public. What a god damn treasure this man is. I am grateful for him every day! If you leak it, you’ll find he’s every bit as amazing as you’d always assumed. Okay, not pithy – might need some work. But that’s my personal Field of Dreams ethos.

I hope you enjoyed your weekly update! And I hope you are staying safe and well. Be sure to be kind to yourself and others. You are worth it! Make plans to come back next week - I love having you here.


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