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Surprise - The Cheese is Not Cheese!

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* Well, well, well! Sometimes cheese surprises you. We were in for a shock when Larry requested Taylor Hackford’s White Nights from the library – starring Mikhail Baryshnikov and Gregory Hines, which came out in 1985. I barely remembered seeing it in the theater – (yes, I am that old, and then some. No one do the math!) – but, given the 80’s era filmmaking, I assumed we were in for a dated, silly movie (in the best way). But, man – this hit me so hard. White Nights is actually a political thriller, addressing racism, fascism, human rights, the cost of war, and much more. I found myself on the edge of my seat; the movie had a classic Hitchcockian vibe, especially with the cinematography of the car chase at the end. It’s an emotional experience (Gregory Hines’ gut-wrenching plea will have you weeping). Plus, those stunning dance scenes! Both Baryshnikov and Hines were at the height of their famous skills and it really is something to see. Did I mention the cast also features Helen Mirren and Isabella Rossellini?! Yep, this cast has the goods. Oh! And the best part – Baryshnikov’s character carries around a beloved boombox, which nabs significant screen time and is included in a pivotal plot point. I guess the 80’s did come to play after all! Anyway, I highly recommend this – it remains a timeless and classy offering. * Costner continues! I forgot to mention that we did attempt to watch Tin Cup. We lasted about 10 minutes, and that’s where we’re gonna leave that one. (The rules of the Costner Film Festival of Two are astoundingly flexible.) God, it was boring. How could something starring Rene Russo go so wrong? We’ll never know, because we’re not going to finish it! We did follow through with watching Oliver Stone’s JFK – perversely on the 4th of July because we’re weird. Again, another one that was impactful, given the subject matter. I have certainly seen worse Costner – and Oliver Stone – films. (Stone’s biopic of The Doors, anyone? Omg.) This one held its own. You’ll also be relieved to know that the library came through for this weekend – Robin Hood has arrived! Oh, the delightful horror that awaits. * In the world: the Olympics are in trouble, but no one tell Mark Zuckerberg. He spent the 4th flying across the water on a fancy hoverboard, waving the American flag. Because I guess that’s something you can do when celebrating your antitrust lawsuit getting thrown out of court. Sigh. But it finally motivated me – my Facebook account is in the process of being officially deleted. Woot! A small and futile step, given that I am still on Instagram – but one less person in the world on FB can only be a good thing. In the meantime, you can continue to find me here every Friday. Give yourselves a pat on the back – you are the savvy people in the know! Speaking of: like this? Help me out and tell a pal – the more, the merrier! Until next week! I hope you've enjoyed your weekly update! And I hope you are staying safe and well. Be sure to be kind to yourself and others. You are worth it! Make plans to come back next week - I love having you here.


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