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We've Activated Ishtar!

Hello! Remember when I told you Larry & I were on a quest to see some of the worst movies of all time in order to entertain ourselves as we eke out the remaining weeks of our quarantine? Well, I think we've accidentally activated Ishtar into public consciousness. When I placed my library hold, I got a notice saying, "You are number one in line." Um, yes - I would assume so! (Yeah, I went full library rental. I'm not paying $2.99 to stream this mess. We still have a few standards in place over here.) Well, I went to my account to check on a few other holds and there are now THREE people in line, waiting for Ishtar. It's like the thrift store phenomenon - if you touch something and put it down while debating your purchase, you'll most likely come back and find it gone. Your energy beckoned others! (Or like that time I really thought I wanted beige culottes. Then I realized it was just a Gap ad that got into my brain. No one wants beige culottes - not even the people wearing them.)

Anyway! This is a longwinded way of saying there are three other people in Multnomah County waiting for Ishtar because of our mojo. You're welcome!

In other news: the book I got to copy edit has been turned around (it was so fun!) and now I'm on to that long-awaited project I've been wanting/meaning/needing to write for well over a year. That means Celebricate is still on pause, as much as it pains me. I've found, even when never leaving my home, that there are still so many hours in a day and something had to give. So, please bear with me while I write my little heart out.

Don't worry - I will still send out a weekly update. Why? Because I got super enthusiastic and bought a year's worth of this newsletter option and damn it - I'm going to use them! Plus, I love you guys: I want to keep in touch, and keep you updated on all the good stuff going on here.

To that end: have something you want to share or promote? Or just want a shout-out from the warm embrace of this email? Drop me a line - I'm happy to share this space and help with word of mouth. In the meantime, stay safe, stay well, and get both doses of your shots! More soon. xo


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