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Wednesday Writes - Week of Dec 2nd, 2020

If you're reading this and you want to join, just drop me an email and I'll send you the Zoom deets. You can be at any level - the only requirement is showing up to write! In the meantime, here's what happened during our most recent meeting:

Here's what happened on WED DEC 2ND: 1. Loved it?! Be sure to mark your calendar for WED DEC 16TH to join us again! 2. Your inspirational reading was from Walking on Alligators by Susan Shaughnessy, pg. 165 "There is no lack of stories. Material for writing is abundant. We stand as if on the edge of a great sea of creative material, dipping in one toe – or perhaps planning to come back tomorrow, when we will be better equipped in some way to explore it. The only way to write is to dive in. Everything else will follow – shape, meaning, detail. How many gifted people have lingered on the shore, spinning dreams of the books they would write when they had the time, materials, or inspiration to enter the water? When you have swum out a little way, you will be able to look back and see them, watching you from the shore. So say aloud, “Today, I’ll take a deep breath and plunge into the calm lake of creative material within me.'"

3. Our writing prompts were a choice between:

a. Write about your best – or worst – holiday memory.

b. Flash fiction challenge: write a story about someone admitting a secret and end it with someone telling a lie.

4. Here's your fun follow-up "homework":

Want some extra credit? Sign up to send postcards for Jon Ossoff's Georgia Senate runoff campaign! You can do so via Vote Forward. Bonus: all those mailings also go towards supporting our USPS. Woot! Lean more about Ossoff's race and how to help here.

5. A fun resource for you: As promised, I'll share the FREE resources I've been enjoying on this crazy writing journey, in hopes that these can help you too! Sometimes creativity comes of the form of entertainment and one of my free faves is writer/comedian/actor Mike Birbiglia's podcast, Working It Out. Mike's guests are generally (obviously) comedians, but anyone with a creative bent will appreciate the tips shared on how to connect with your art. Plus it's just damn fun, and that's allowed too!

6. Please consider: Needless to say, this has been a wildly challenging year, and even more so with the holidays coming up so quickly. Families are strapped and stressed, so I'm including this classic because there's nothing better than the opportunity to help make a child smile! Consider donating to Toys for Tots, if you are able. Thank you for your time - here's to happy reading and writing! Hope to see you next session! (That would be WED DEC 16TH.) xo, Jenna


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