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You Can Prepare... And Still Fail!

Hello friends! This is an excerpt from my weekly newsletter. You can sign up for it right here on this site - and I hope you do! :)

* Once again, I missed you last week! This time I was volunteering to deliver hot meals to seniors. Which, given our recent Pacific NW heatwave, sounds kind of crazy to put "hot" next to anything. But it was worth it to make sure the food got to where it needed to be. I hope you and yours were able to stay safe and cool! * As mentioned in a previous newsletter, I had the honor of interviewing Too Late director D.W. Thomas - a transcription of our Zoom meeting (and my accompanying film review) is available now! We had a wonderful chat about the L.A. comedy scene, women in film (she's a female director with a purposely ambiguous name), what it takes to make a big movie on an indie budget, and more! It's a fun read, if you have a moment. In related news, though the interview turned out great, all did NOT go smoothly. I misunderstood the publicist's confirmation and thought both the director and the lead actress were going to be taking part in the call. So, I did research on both ladies. Imagine my surprise when I logged on to Zoom... and Alyssa never showed up. No fault of her own, as I realized I'd misinterpreted the P.R. email! I had 13 questions prepped - 8 of which for Alyssa, who, as we've established, WAS NOT THERE. That left only 5 questions at the ready to ask Ms. Thomas and, let me tell you, it was freaking awkward. Mainly because I was thrown off and didn't cover it well. What can I say? I've been locked in my home for a year and my social skills have deteriorated. We rallied and had a good laugh, but OMG. It turns out that you can prepare and still fail. Lesson learned! At least I'm not the spectator who caused that huge Tour de France crash. The only massive pileup here was in my brain, as I rushed to form new inquires off the top of my head. (Spoiler alert: not my strong suit!) * Kevin Costner news! My latest favorite question comes from a friend who simply asked, "Why are you doing this to yourselves?" And that is fair. The answer is, "We're in too deep." We can't stop! It's turned out to be quite fun, as we cling to this absurd goal. However, the library might think otherwise: last week I waited for Oliver Stone's JFK to show up. And then I waited... and waited some more - to no avail. (That meant it was our first Costner-free weekend in a while. I know Larry took it particularly hard. Ha ha!) I received a notice saying the hold was ready, but when I went to retrieve it I was greeted with an empty locker. What kind of chicanery was this?! Was the library in on the fix, purposefully blocking our viewing habits? We didn't know what to do, so we staved off the Costner emptiness with a Keanu Reeves placeholder in the form of The Lake House. Larry's review of this is succinct: "It made me angry and confused." In other words, it was perfectly Costner-esque! But, what happened to JFK? (The DVD, that is.) It turns out the library was in it - they'd placed the disc in Larry's hold locker instead. They know us! You'll be relieved to hear that we'll be viewing it sometime this weekend. (Hopefully outside, on our self-created "drive-in" screen.) You know I will continue to keep you in the loop! * Woot - summer is officially here! Need another reason to celebrate? How about New York prosecutors charging the Trump Organization and its chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, with a 15-year alleged tax scheme, marking the first criminal case against the former President's namesake company. Let it be just the beginning!


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