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I'm Jenna Zine - writer, film critic, and cutter of my own bangs (a comedy or tragedy, depending on the day). I'm a also a drummer - mainly playing alone in my garage to Mötley Crüe. So basically the best kind of drumming! ​


You might be asking, "What else goes on here?" Progress on crafting a novel? Yes! Writing tips, tricks, & inspiration? Heck, yeah! Pointless yet entertaining musings about reality television, bad movies, Bachelor Nation, and why Dorinda is the best Housewife? Yes, yes, yes! All this, and much more.


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It’s time for another Pandemic Pick!


This is a very special one, close to my heart: Tape Op - The Creative Recording Magazine. You might think it's all about gear - and there is definitely that component, but it's also chockfull of interviews with heart. Wondering how Jack White invokes the spirit of creativity or what Steve Perry thinks about the Bay Area? It's in there! And then some.

Bonus: it's a real, print magazine and it's totally FREE to subscribe! (There're also a TON of articles online, and there's a podcast too. Something for everyone.) 

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