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I'm Jenna Zine - writer, film critic, and cutter of my own bangs (a comedy or tragedy, depending on the day). I'm a also a drummer - mainly playing alone in my garage to Mötley Crüe. So basically the best kind of drumming! ​


You might be asking, "What else goes on here?" Progress on crafting a novel? Yes! Writing tips, tricks, & inspiration? Heck, yeah! Pointless yet entertaining musings about reality television, bad movies, Bachelor Nation, and why Jax is still allowed to be on Vanderpump Rules? Yes, yes, yes! All this, and much more.


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If you're like me (and I have a feeling you are), you're spending an abnormal amount of time watching movies while we surf the wave of this never-ending pandemic. (Seriously, wear a damn mask!) 

Have you exhausted your Netflix queue? Already burned through the latest episodes of Selling Sunset? Is your brain crying out for something beyond Hulu? I can watch a lot of trash - my tolerance is high! 


But in the name of cinema and sanity, I've been trying to push myself beyond the easy picks and Mubi is it. Where else can Werner Herzog sit between an adorable rom-com from China, classic Bollywood, and a documentary on silent film footage found buried in a pool in Alaska?


Expertly curated and chockfull of rare finds, Mubi is a streaming treat. My passport might be gathering dust for the time-being, but I can still broaden my horizons from my couch. Give the world a whirl!


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