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Jenna Zine is a writer, drummer, and cutter of her own bangs. 

This is also the home of Celebricate: Celebrating Celebrities & the Messes They Make! A place for pop culture chats and other fun thoughts with me - your pal, Jenna Zine. Let's get into it!

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Speaking of reading, here's a little something else I'm involved in: the very fabulous Tape Op Magazine. (My husband, Larry Crane, founded it and I happen to be the lead Copy Editor. Hence as to where my "shameless plug" comes from. Bias as I am, it's truly an amazing publication! That's just facts.)


I'm very proud of him and what he's created. Can you blame me? Go to to learn how to nab a FREE subscription. And then go back to reading my stuff, because I'm awesome too! 

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