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I'm Jenna Zine - writer, film critic, and cutter of my own bangs (a comedy or tragedy, depending on the day). I'm a also a drummer - mainly playing alone in my garage to Mötley Crüe. So basically the best kind of drumming! ​


You might be asking, "What else goes on here?" Progress on crafting a novel? Yes! Writing tips, tricks, & inspiration? Heck, yeah! Pointless yet entertaining musings about reality television, bad movies, Bachelor Nation, and why Dorinda is the best Housewife? Yes, yes, yes! All this, and much more.


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Can I tell you how much joy The Tweedy Show has brought me over the past several months? SO much joy!

Every week, the delightful Tweedy family streams shows from Susan Tweedy's Instagram account (@stuffinourhouse) and each night proves to be unique, fun, uplifting, and hilarious. You might know Jeff from that little band called Wilco. He's joined here by his whip-smart wife, Susan, and their wildly talented sons, Spencer & Sammy

Of course we tune in for the amazing songs, but the real treat are the wild tangents, in-house jokes, and Susan's laugh-out-loud running commentary. It's been a bright spot amongst the darkness. Treat yourself to this and don't look back!

Info at: thetweedyshow.com


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