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Celebricate – Your Weekly Gossip Roundup (for the week of Dec. 14 – Dec. 18, 2020)

* Just when we put them to rest… DomLil is back! Well, at least the Lil part, but in a fully magnificent way. News broke this week that Seth Rogen will be producing a Hulu miniseries about the man who stole the Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee sex tape. (The where/what/why of how he decided to do this?! I have no idea, but I am already obsessed.) What does that have to do with Lily James? The buttoned-up Rebecca star has been cast as Pamela, with Sebastian Stan taking on the Tommy Lee role. Please, let all of this sink in for a moment, because lord knows that’s what I’m still trying to do over here! I already have so many questions and, honestly, the casting is the least of it. That said – whoooo thought Lily could play Pammy? And how big will those prosthetic breasts be? Because if you make Anderson a flat-chested brunette, I will riot. This is an era in history that’s dear to my heart and there’s a lot to unpack here – we will be revisiting this often, so get ready. (Many thanks to my dear pal, Erin, for bringing this thrilling news to my attention!)

* In more Seth Rogen news, let’s pause here and appreciate the sweetness of his new pottery hobby. Of all the pandemic time-passers, this has to be the purest.

* In the spirit of holiday cheer, I'm compelled to share my favorite "Californians in The Portland Winter" YouTube clip. I watch this every year! If it's wrong, I don't wanna be right.

* Once a garbage person, always a garbage person. Yep, super creep Shia LaBeouf is being accused of emotional, sexual, and physical abuse by former paramour FKA Twigs. It’s just too damn close to the holidays for me to dig into this – I want to be happy, happy, happy right now. (It’s been one hell of a year. Can you blame me?) Needless to say, the word is finally out on a larger scale about LaBeouf’s long rumored history with his horrific treatment towards women and hopefully this is the thing that bans him from Hollywood once and for all. Much respect and many hugs to FKA Twigs for her bravery!

* You guys, even Vladimir Putin agrees that Joe Biden is the next President – and he bought the last one, so he should know. Needless to say, congrats, ONCE AGAIN to Joe Biden & Kamala Harris. For the love of god and all that is holy, 2021 cannot get here fast enough. (Oh, and while we’re here: it is perfectly acceptable for Jill Biden to add “Dr.” to her name. Thank you, next.)

* Peloton CEO John Foley recently revealed he drinks 40 "cups" of water out of his hands every morning to start his day. IDK - I feel like for the amount he charges for those bikes that he can probably afford a glass?

* Tom Cruise is in the news for yelling at crew members who broke COVID protocol on set, and he’s reaping a ton of good press for his actions. At first I was like, “Oh, wow. I wasn’t expecting that from Tom Cruise. Good for him.” In a sea of anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers, I wasn’t expecting the avowed Scientologist to fall on the side of medical evidence. Neat – progress! But then I listened to the audio and felt decidedly less excited. The rant goes on for almost four minutes, most of which is spent hearing Tom pat himself on the back for helping save the movie industry. Also, four minutes is a long time to get yelled at by someone and Tom’s speech gets mighty repetitive, to boot. It transitions from genuine fear and anger to feeling like he’s simply enjoying hearing himself make a grandiose speech. (Also, maybe make your point sternly and then cut it off at the one-minute mark? Is it any more professional to scream at your hardworking employees? That’s not appropriate work behavior. Oh! And standing up for a cause might mean more if you weren’t a member of a murderous, thieving cult. Complicated issues!) Btw, here's the fabulous Yashar's IG link. Follow him!

Conveniently, news “leaked” the very next day about Tom’s new on-set romance with his costar (of course), Haley Atwell. Wow! One day he’s being borderline abusive. The very next he’s in love. Aww. Welcome to the classic PR handbook – distract ‘em with something cute. As long as he’s wearing a mask for his next couch jump!

* In my favorite LOL of the day: Justin Timberlake is attempting to act again, y’all! The trailer for his latest film has just been released, and if my eyeballs could speak they’d say, “Please stop accosting me!” Honestly his greatest role is that of “serial cheat plays contrite husband.” How has he convinced Jessica Biel to stay with him this long? (Not that she’s any prize. I am just truly curious.) Warm up the Razzy’s – Timberlake is on his way.

* Happy almost Birthday to Dr. Fauci! Our beloved doctor turns 80 on Christmas Eve and, as he’s noted, he’ll be spending it home alone with his wife. Give yourself the same gift of health and safety by only celebrating with your immediate household. Trust that next year the payoff will be HUGE with raucous, cozy familial gatherings!

* To that end, making it easier to stay put with your immediate “pod” – Roku and HBO Max have ended their feud, just in time for the holidays! That means flawless streaming of Wonder Woman 1984. Woot!

* Need a treat? Of course you do! Here’s a list of free-to-cheap upcoming shows:

Amy Miller “Who’s Your God?” comedy show, with $2 to $7 tickets!

Live Comedy on Zoom – FREE shows every Sunday & Wednesday

The Ornaments Present “A Very Charlie Brown Christmas”

The Tweedy Show, streaming on Instagram 4 nights a week

Wishing you & yours very Happy Holidays – I am sending you all virtual hugs and joyous vibes! See you here again soon! xo


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