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Celebricate – Your Weekly Gossip Roundup (for the week of March 29 to April 2)

We’ve got a shorter column this week due to some outside deadlines I must meet. (How dare work infringe on our time together? What the hell, man?!) But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some gossip to be had. Let’s get to it!

* Here’s a random Instagram beef: Rami Malek, who brilliantly portrayed Freddie Mercury in the 2019 Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, is ticked off at Rachel Bilson (of The OC fame). Turns out the two were friends in high school (aw, that’s cute) and did plays together. Sounds okay so far… until Rachel posted an Instagram throwback photo of the two of them on their senior trip. Um, how dare she? Turns out Rami was offended by the timing of the unflattering pic, which coincided with his Oscar nomination and he sent Rachel a message asking her to delete the post. Rachel did so and apologized, but has never heard from Rami again.

Let’s break it down. For Rachel's side: Yep, it’s an unflattering shot – but it’s not great of either of them, which Rachel did on purpose because, as she revealed recently on Dax Shepherd's podcast when she was retelling the story, she believes it’s “important to be able to make fun of yourself.” And who amongst us has a perfect senior photo? I still wish I could burn pics of me that captured my high school perm in a fire. (Yes! I had a PERM!) So, it’s not like Rachel posted a gorgeous pic of herself while Rami looked bad. Neither one look great. They were just kids, and that’s the point. (She gently ribbed him about his gold chain, asking if he still had it. The fashion choices we’ve made!)

On the Rami's end: he was nominated for playing a sleek rock star and the timing of this photo stands as a reminder that he’s a mere human who once had a few pounds to shed. (Gasp!) Oscar campaigns are expensive, stressful, and very carefully curated. His team jumped on the photo as soon as it was posted. I wouldn’t say they went into crisis mode, but his camp was upset. (Yes, actors actively campaign for those awards! It’s a dirty little secret. Sure, having actual talent helps, but a ton of work goes into getting one’s hands on that coveted statue.)

So, Rachel was just out there reminiscing and having fun. But Rami was entwined in one of the most important periods of his career. On one hand, Rami and his team definitely overreacted and missed a chance to have fun with the moment. But, on the flipside, Rachel is in the industry and surely aware of the ins and outs of an Oscar campaign, so the timing was odd. (Also, she's retelling the story this year on Dax's popular podcast, again during Oscar season. So, once again, her timing is not great, and apparently she didn't learn her lesson from 2019.)

Did Rachel make an innocent mistake, or was she unconsciously trying to sabotage Rami? (Also, keep in mind that having her name linked with Rami’s carries some momentary prestige for a TV actress who doesn’t work much anymore.) Was Rami right to be pissed at his friend or was he have a massive “get over yourself” moment? (Btw, he did win the 2019 Oscar for Best Actor, so it seems the photo wasn't too damning!) Team Rami or Team Rachel? Let me know!


* With all of the Royal Family news of late, it’s no surprise that vintage gossip has resurfaced about Princess Diana. The latest story making the rounds is particularly interesting, involving a nanny. (It always does!) It turns out Diana believed the caretaker she and Charles hired to watch after their children (that would be Princes William and Harry!) most likely had an affair with Charles. Color me so NOT surprised. But, beyond that, Diana also once confronted the nanny (delightfully named Tiggy Legge-Burke) about having an abortion. Okay, now you can fetch me the smelling salts. The tortured Princess fully believed that Tiggy was having a fling with Charles and that she was also actively trying to “take” her boys from her. Interestingly, this is the one thing Camilla (Charles’ other mistress, now wife) and Diana had in common: a shared hatred of Tiggy. Oh, also, in a ballsy move, it was actually Tiggy who sued Diana. Wild stuff! You can read more about the sordid history here.


* Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are dating. I try to avoid posting much about anything Kardashian because they are so goddamn awful. But this video of the Blink 182 drummer sucking on the germaphobe health maven's fingers at a UFC boxing match in Vegas is so random that I’d feel remiss in not passing it on. May it haunt your soul as much as it is mine! (Did I mention that they were on a double date with Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly? Or that Travis apparently has his own line of suckers?! I feel like I just threw words in a blender and made this post up. But it’s all true!)


* In more totally random news: a mafia boss was brought down… by his own cooking vlog?! I don’t know why, but I find this totally amusing. This is a quick read about a man so driven to share his cooking skills on YouTube that he got arrested after successfully evading authorities for seven years! It's worth a moment of your time - a short, but wild tale. Sometimes it really is all about the pasta.


Exciting movie news!

* Yes, we did take advantage of a rainy Sunday to watch Zach Snyder’s 4-hour Zach Snyder’s Justice League that recently arrived on HBO Max. (And yes, it’s styled that way with his name in the title. I’d love to have that confidence!) I have to say, it was pretty fun. Not “miss a sunny day,” fun. But definitely “rainy day matinee” fun. It’s already taken up too much of my time, so this serves as my official review!

* Knives Out is coming to Netflix. Specifically, several sequels that will focus on Daniel Craig’s character, Benoit Blanc. I am very excited about this! The film was a delight and I can’t wait to see which way they spin it next. (Also, a bonus for Craig? He’s been yearning to retire from his Bond role and the Blanc character is definitely a great fit. Not to mention way less physically taxing than 007’s death-defying stunts.) No word yet if Chris Evans or Ana de Armas are returning to their roles. Stay tuned!

* We’ve got a date with Godzilla and King Kong this weekend! Yep, more HBO Max fun as Godzilla vs. King Kong is the latest blockbuster to arrive at the streaming service. Nothing can replicate going to the theater (for me), but I’m thrilled to have another marquee event to enjoy in the safety of my own living room in the meantime. (You know what I’m going to say: get your shots and wear your masks!) Dumb fun – I am all for it! I shall report back. I've also got another film review in the works with the recently-released indie comedy, Honesty Weekend. Look for that next week as well!


* Aw, crap – it’s happening. Yes, something I never ever thought I’d do… well, I’m doing it. I am absolutely cringing to tell you this, but I’m just going to rip the band-aid off. My husband and I are starting a podcast. Yes, I am suitably embarrassed! I had every intention of being the last person in America without show. What can I say? A year at home and plenty of ideas have had time to percolate. I’m waiting to reveal the details, but there will be more soon. I can’t stop myself now!

Apologies for the truncated week, but I’m thrilled you stopped by and I can’t wait to meet up with you again. Stay sassy (and masked) in the meantime! xo


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