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Celebricate – Your Weekly Gossip Roundup (for the week of Nov. 9 – 13, 2020)

There was no column last week because there was no President. We all might’ve been a liiiiitle distracted as our democracy – and the fate of the world – hung in the balance. It was hard to focus when refreshing CNN every few seconds for Electoral College votes was consuming every fiber of our beings. (Seriously, when are we going to get rid of that?!) But it was worth the wait because America has spoken! Not only is Joe Biden our President elect, we also have Kamala Harris as our first FEMALE VICE PRESIDENT! There is a lot to celebrate in the future, now that we have a future. (Though, I do hope all presidential press conferences will continue to take place at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping.) In the meantime, on to the gossip!

It’s become clear that we can’t start this off with anything but DomLil! Just when we thought Dominic West and Lily James’ fling was cooling, along came news that Dominic might’ve finally come clean with his wife, Catherine Fitzgerald, confessing that he does indeed have feelings for Lily. Then, hot on the heels of that leak, came a photo op of the two jogging along the back roads of their property. (Most of the pics are of Dom running ahead, looking behind him, as Catherine struggles to keep up. A fitting analogy, I fear. Also, she appears to be weary heaving hiking boots? These people really need to hire a proper PR team if they’re going to attempt to stay in this for the long haul.) Oh! Also, a post of the couple appeared on the castle’s Instagram, leading to more speculation about the status of their marriage. (Yes, the castle does have its own Instagram account. Did you expect it to share?!) Meanwhile, Lily remains quietly off the grid. To be continued!

Johnny Depp has lost his libel suit against The Sun. He sued the UK publication in 2017 when they openly called him a wife beater – but now they’re free to do so at any time, winning the right in court. Subsequently Warner Bros. has asked Johnny to resign his role as Grindelwald and leave the Fantastic Beasts franchise, which he has agreed to do. The role will be recast, with Bond villain Mads Mikkelsen rumored to be taking over. (Excellent choice, in my opinion!) Meanwhile, Depp plans on continuing to pursue legal avenues against former wife Amber Heard in order to salvage what’s left of his reputation. (Hint: not much! Let’s just say as someone old enough to remember when Johnny used to trash hotel rooms on the regular when he was "mad" at former girlfriend Kate Moss, well… It’s my guess that Amber’s allegations wouldn’t be too far off. Jenna’s ruling – Heartthrob status: long gone, and now permanently revoked.)

Netflix’s The Crown returns on November 15th and I am counting the days! We’ve finally arrived at the Diana years and we all know that’s the bestest, juiciest stuff. Now we’re in my wheelhouse, bébés! Thank you, Netflix, for timing this with our upcoming Thanksgiving holiday – that’s one binge I won’t have to feel guilty about. By the way, if you were waiting for the prestige series to cover Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles infamous “Tampon Gate” conversation, do not hold your breath. The one stipulation actor Josh O’Connor had when taking the role was his refusal to recreate “that phone call.” In other news, I find it very entertaining to Google “Josh O’Connor” and “tampons.” Lots of results, you guys!

Cazzie David is coming out with a memoir! If you’re asking “who?” you are not alone. She’s the daughter of Larry David (whom I adore) and she has penned a book of essays. You know, because that’s what you do when you’re a 20-something “Celeb-u-daughter” and you haven’t gone the modeling route. The tome will include details of her split with Pete Davidson, which I don’t think anyone was waiting for, but here it is. Salacious info includes Davidson breaking up with her via text and revealing his relationship with Ariana Grande two days later. Classy! Ladies – can we agree we can all do better than Pete Davidson? Here’s hoping Cazzie’s next release is titled What Was I Thinking?

Henry Golding and his gorgeous wife, Liv, announced her pregnancy this week! Congrats to the adorable couple. I don’t know how far along she is (weird how they didn’t check in with me, isn’t it), but I’m already flexing my scrolling fingers. Baby Golding needs its own IG because I am going to need A LOT of photos. I can’t stand the cuteness already! In other not-yet news, but maybe we can wish it into existence: Lainey Gossip has floated the idea of Henry as the next James Bond and I am wholeheartedly endorsing this. Henry or Idris Elba – top picks when Daniel Craig exits, please! (Which might be awhile – the latest installment of the franchise is being held, as with most new releases, until sometime in 2021…)

Huge baseball news, which normally isn’t my thing, but this is rad: the Miami Marlins have named Kim Ng as their new General Manager. That makes her both the first female GM and the first Asian American GM in major league baseball history! It’s never too late for progress! This is almost enough to make me start watching the game. Or at least to hoist a (veggie) hot dog in Ng's honor!

Lots of things to celebrate. Until next time, peeps. Stay safe and healthy in the meantime! (You can do that by wearing your masks and avoiding indoor gatherings with anyone not in your bubble. Let's help get COVID under control so we can enjoy our Biden/Harris years together!) xo


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