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Celebricate – Your Weekly Gossip Roundup (for the week of Jan. 25 – Jan. 29, 2021)

Holy hell, you guys – I’m still LOLing over Reddit commandeering the stock market. The brilliance of this simple plan gives me the tingles. To think I’ve just been using that app to read my favorite Vanderpump Rules sub-thread. You mean all this time I could’ve been making money?! I have homework to do now. In the meantime, let’s check in on the celebs!

* I think it's safe to say that Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas are still reeling from their breakup. Ben’s been spotted on solo strolls to Dunkin’ Donuts (celebrities – they’re just like us!) and Ana got the requisite ill-advised breakup haircut. If Ana can’t even rock these bangs, you know it’s bad. But is it really over over? Too soon to tell, but recent leaks about the two former flames “talking everyday” may have less to do with their relationship and more to do with awards season. What better way to stay in the headlines than pining over lost love? We’ll see if it brings Ben to the finish line with another Oscar in his hot little hands. Stay tuned!

* No, I do NOT want to eat pink macaroni & cheese! Or really any Kraft product, much less on Valentine’s Day. THIS is what the pandemic has brought us to. Clearly the folks at Kraft have been day drinking rosé, decided to have a Zoom meeting, and said, “How about this color, but for food?” That, or someone’s been trapped with their lone bottle of Pepto Bismol for too long. In other news, congrats to Kraft on all the free PR. Well played!

* JoJo Siwa came out this week with a lip synch, via Tik Tok, to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. I’m excited to see what positivity and awareness Siwa will bring with her – I know she’ll be a great role model and support for many! In the meantime, she’s already wowed me, shutting down one homophobic mom with a simple word. Perfection.

* Well, the whole method acting thing hasn’t exactly worked out for Jared Leto – but this deep dive by Kayleigh Donaldson is great, so I’ll mention the former hunk turned costar harasser in her honor. It's worth a read – check it out here!

* Speaking of famous method actors, this vintage gossip story popped up on my radar and it’s too weird not pass on because Porky’s, Showgirls, and Gangs of New York are mentioned in the same headline. Man, the 90’s were wild.

* Ahhhh!!!! KPop stans and fans! I love them so much. This form of activism has been so exciting and effective – I tear up with joy every time I think about those empty, empty stands at the Tr*mp rally this summer. They’ve recently been at it again, redirecting the “Impeach Biden” hashtag, and it’s delightful – as always. Now if they can just get us over the hump and put an end to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s career for good, it would be much appreciated. (Seriously, she’s fucking terrifying. She’s the hydra to Tr*mp's head.) Add it to my tab – I’m happy to be indebted and am forever grateful to the KPop community!

* Pamela Anderson has found her Aiden! The Baywatch alum got married on Christmas Eve for the fourth time (or the sixth, if you count the fact that she married Rick Solomon twice) to her bodyguard/handyman, Dan Hayhurst. (Oh! More vintage gossip. This brings back the good times when Heidi Klum hooked up with her bodyguard and her ex-husband, Seal, got all salty about it, disdainfully noting that she was “fornicating with the help.” Well, that’s one way to put it!) The two met when Dan was working on Pamela's Vancouver Island home, and that's where they subsequently wed. Shortly afterwards, Pam quit social media to "commune with nature." The lovebirds look very happy, and I see handmade Adirondack chairs in their future. Congrats! (Update: There's already drama, because Pam is messy. Apparently this union might be the product of an affair? It's still in the alleged phase, but I'm not exactly surprised...)

Speaking of Pammy, that makes me think of the much-anticipated Hulu miniseries about her and Tommy Lee’s stolen sex tape. As we know, our Celebricate fave, Lily James, has been cast as Anderson, with Sebastian Stan taking the Lee role. Thank you in advance, Seth Rogen! (So many names I never thought I’d see together, which makes me love it even more. Good lord, I’m going to binge the hell out of this.)

* While we're making a brief pitstop at Lily James, this makes me think of the surprising recent news involving Ioan Gruffudd and his wife, Alice Evans. It's giving me major DomLil vibes! While Ioan may not be a household name (albeit a unique one), he’s been acting since 1986 and has appeared in everything from Titanic to Castle. He’s hot and lowkey – his looks should put him on the radar more often, but he’s never made waves in gossip land – until now. This past week his wife, Alice, started spiraling on Twitter, posting that Ioan was leaving her because “he doesn’t love me anymore.” It only continues to get weirder when, shortly after that, she claimed it was Ioan that hacked her account. Meanwhile, Ioan has been on location for two years, so the separation might’ve occurred much earlier – at least in his mind. Regardless, the public lashing out makes me think Ioan might’ve moved on with someone else and Alice is very much not amused. Of note, in a brief Wiki dive, I found this:

[Gruffudd said he and Evans became engaged on New Year's Day 2006 after Evans gave him an ultimatum, declaring that after 7 years together she wasn't going to hang around any longer unless she was his wife. They married on 14 September 2007 in Mexico.]

Is it odd that this is on her Wiki and not his? Also, I feel that ultimatums are never a good sign. Either your partner wants to marry you, or he/she/they do(es) not. That’s my take! I’ll keep you posted if anything more comes of this.

* Amanda Gorman will be at the Super Bowl this year and Budweiser will not! Yes, the gorgeous poet (already signed to IMG Models) and Inauguration superstar has been asked to read a new piece at the Super Bowl pregame show, bringing some much-needed warmth to the proceedings. Her work is still resonating from earlier this month, and I can’t wait to hear what she has in store for us next! In related news, Budweiser has decided to sit out this year’s big game for the first time in 37 years, instead allocating their Super Bowl advertising budget towards COVID-19 vaccine awareness. This is a big double wow! While I’m thrilled that such a mega corporation is stepping in the help with a much-needed awareness campaign, their motives might not be totally pure. (What? A corporation with an agenda?! I hope you’re sitting down!) Read this fascinating article about Bud’s decision here.

* Finally, RIP to the iconic Cicely Tyson, hilarious Cloris Leachman, and the legendary Larry King. And to Kobe & Gianna – one year gone, but never forgotten!

You guys are the best – thank you for reading and sharing! Please wear your masks – apparently a double layer now. Hang in there – stay safe, healthy, and happy! More soon. xo

By the way, are you a writer or writer-curious? Check out this crazy advice I learned from Elizabeth Gilbert and be sure to scroll through my site for more tips!


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