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Celebricate! – Your Weekly Gossip Roundup (for the week of Oct. 26-30, 2020)

* Lily James continues to dominate this space, and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon! The gossip biz may be slow, but Lily’s been getting busy and, frankly, I’m not sad about it. I’ll take any distraction from pins & needles and sleepless nights. (Speaking of: VOTE! No more ballots in the mail – do a direct drop to make sure your voice is heard in this historic election.)

We left off last week with DomLil coming to a close after a whirlwind romp in Rome. Dominic West went waltzing shamelessly back to his wife (and her castle), leaving Lily hanging in the wind. Awkward, since she was scheduled to do a press tour for her prestige remake of Rebecca. (Watched it: much like Lily, it was beautiful but boring.) Many questioned why costar Armie Hammer didn’t step up to help promote the film… and that may very well be because he’s rumored to have had a fling with Lily as well! Damn, girl! (I do not blame her. Armie seems like a dog, but I don’t care. There are things I would do to that man, given the chance.)

You might remember Armie and his wife of 10 years split early this year. No reason was cited, but the rumors were many. Now leaks of sexts between Armie and a costar seem to be the probable cause – with the cause being James. Lily also recently endured a split of her own with longtime on again/off again love Matt Smith, who allegedly tangled with his costar, Claire Foy. I guess Lily’s adhering to the old adage, “The best way to get over someone is to get under someone.” (Or several someones, because there was also a possible dalliance in between all of this with one of the best Chris’s: Chris Evans.) Honestly, I say to Lily – go for it. Cheating is gross, but she’s not the one who’s married. The men in these scenarios are fully functioning adults, capable of making their own decisions. They’re taking none of the shame and not much of the blame. Meanwhile, Lily has thrown herself a dream Peen Parade. (Seriously - it's like Fantasy Football, but for hookups.) We should be toasting her. Lily, this one’s for you.

Also this week:

* Kim Kardashian turned 40, still remains an utter asshole. Her million-dollar birthday bash on a private island enraged social media with her tone-deaf post about the thrills of things “returning to normal,” if for just a moment. Meanwhile, the world continues to burn. Enjoy your (air) cake, poors! (Not all is lost – we did receive a gift in the form of many hilarious memes. Click here for some of the best.)

* Cardi B. continues to be amazing, deserves as many god damn Birkins as she wants! Hermes should be so lucky as to be endorsed by this goddess. Not the other way around. (Also, I love that Offset stood up for Cardi and her bags! That people are even debating black celebs buying luxury goods is disgusting. I'd write "needless to say," but obviously it still needs to be said. You know what devalues a brand? FUCKING RACISM. So take a leap, asshole.)

* Speaking of A TOTALLY AMAZING BRAND - the Drip has dropped! (I'm sorry - I had to!) That's right, Beyonce has released her second collaboration between Ivy Park and Adidas. Can I tell you the swoon I felt when I received my Bey email?! Did you go to the Waiting Room? I didn't queue up, but it won't stop me from dreaming!

* Scarlett "I can be anything" Johansson & Colin Jost wed over the weekend. It's her third and his first, so it evens out! Also, I spotted Colin on 5th Ave in NYC last fall and seeing him in person I can confirm: he indeed has a very punchable face. Congrats to the hot, happy couple! (Meanwhile, to give credit where credit is due: They announced their nuptials via the Meals on Wheels Instagram account and requested donations to this wonderful organization as gifts. That is rad. My husband and I volunteer for MOW - it's so lovely and I'd encourage anyone to try it out. There are COVID precautions in place for deliveries.)

* One of my favorite comedians also got married this week! A huge congrats to Fortune Feimster and new wife Jacquelyn Smith! Love, love, love to see it – we all need a lift right now, and this is a good one. We're gonna stand by you, no matter what the Supreme Court tries. This ain't over!

* Speaking of a lift: here’s to fingers crossed for good news this time next week! Vote! Stay safe. Wear your masks. Trust that there is good in this world and that it will prevail. And, of course, Happy Halloween! Candy and cat ears are in my near future. I hope there's something equally fun in yours. xo


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