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Terrace House - The Only View I Need

Oh, the joy of Terrace House! If you're looking for a seriously delightful binge (and who isn't these days?), add this to your Must-See list.

Terrace House: Boys & Girls in the City is like if the cast of MTV's The Hills had gone to charm school. All of the simmering drama is still here, paired with the romantic entanglements and resentments, but it's somehow also refreshingly sweet and honest.

Bonus: the panel of adult hosts who weigh in on the housemate's choices with searing, judgey indictments regarding their emotional motivations. Randomly, they also solicit the opinion of an 11-year old panelist, who's always pictured drinking orange juice from a straw (remember straws?) while looking completely baffled. I CANNOT GET ENOUGH!

Also lovely: it's not overdubbed. They speak Japanese and the show is subtitled. I know that's a record scratch for some of you but trust me - you want this. Seeing the show unfold as it's meant to, while this beautiful language flows is like jazz. Peaceful & engaging, it makes for more thoughtful entertainment, elevating the reality television genre to a subtle art. Or maybe I'm fooling myself and it's still trash, but it's much classier trash! Either way, it's so damn good and you should join me. Streaming now on Netflix!


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